Happy birthday, Sarge!

Wow! It’s been over a week since I’ve last posted. I blame the beautiful weather we’ve been having for forcing me to spend all of my free time outside sans my computer. But even 70+ degree days in March couldn’t keep me from posting about this:

Two years ago last Saturday, our baby puppy was born.

Obviously, this is a huge celebration in the Bowers household. But I couldn’t help but notice as I was driving around Akron on Saturday that there were tons of people out celebrating Sarge’s birthday. I was surprised. I was touched. And I was really confused why everyone had decided the best way to celebrate Sarge’s birthday was by wearing green and drinking all day long. Hmmm… 🙂

Anyway, since Ryan worked on Saturday, we decided to celebrate Sarge’s birthday on Sunday. As much as it may seem like I am, I’m not THAT crazily obsessed with my dog to go all-out for his birthday. Party hats and birthday “cake” are a little much, even for me. But I did want to give him something special for his big day, so I decided to finally try making my own dog treats, a la a suggestion from my college roommate (and one of my best friends), Allie.

One of Allie’s adorable little dogs, Gary, has some pretty bad food allergies, so she makes her own dog food and treats for the pups. During a recent visit, she told me about a treat they go gaga over: frozen peanut butter and plain yogurt. It’s so simple: she puts the two ingredients in an ice-cube tray, freezes and then watches as her dogs devour the tasty treats.

Sounded simple enough to be right up my alley. And it was: the whole process took me 45 minutes, which included a trip to the grocery store for supplies. After the treats were assembled and put into the freezer, we took Sarge to a park close to our house where we played and chased squirrels for an hour. I’m pretty sure he was in doggie heaven. When we got back, the treats were frozen and ready to be eaten. 

And eat them he did. I’m not sure how Allie’s dogs approach eating these treats, but Sarge swallowed the first one we gave him whole (he’s such a guy). Subsequent treats were first cuts into smaller pieces.  He did much better with those.

Happy birthday, Sarge! And Allie, thank you for the great idea for low-cost, yummy treats for our birthday boy.


8 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Sarge!

  1. Not gonna lie – We gave Pyro a first birthday party complete with Party hats and cake. 🙂 I like the treat idea – I’ll have to try that! His bday is APril 2.

      1. Yep! I have pics to prove it! We can bring the puppies to the park when the guys play softball! 🙂

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