Living Social Deal – Vistaprint

As a personal rule, I’m generally against using excessive capitalization to express emotion, however, I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT TODAY’S LIVING SOCIAL DEAL FOR AKRON!

Ok, that’s enough of that.

Now that I have that out of my system, here is the information on the deal:

For $10, you get a $50 at for custom invitations, business cards, photo books and so much more. That’s 80% savings! Since I am planning a baby shower for one of my best friends this summer, I was instantly interested. Invitations are not cheap. Here is the link to the deal:

I’m not one to impulsively buy Living Social deals or Groupons; I first do research on if it really is a “deal”. In order for me to buy this deal, I needed these invitations to be 1) cute/modern/not ugly, and 2) not outrageously expensive. So, I looked on to get the low-down the site’s invitation selection. My conclusion: Wow, it’s huge! And their invitations are really cool. I was very impressed. Even better: they are very well priced. I quickly compared the price of a 1st birthday party invitation on Shutterfly to the ones on I used invitations in the middle of the price ranges for both sites (i.e., not the least expensive, but not the most expensive). For 50 invitations, Shutterfly cost $66 ($1.32 per card); on Vista, 50 invitations cost $32.45 (just under $0.65 per card).

I didn’t compare prices for photo books, so if that’s what you’re interested in, I suggest doing a little pricing on those before you buy the deal.

This seriously made my lunch hour complete.


3 thoughts on “Living Social Deal – Vistaprint

  1. Love it! I already did it, except I didn’t use that link… sorry. I didn’t see it up here when I got home and then I just went to the site to do it because I WAS SO EXCITED, TOO! haha, I love your ‘excessive capitalization’. I always think of you when I put too many exclamation points in a text or e-mail, lol.

    1. Kendy, you are too cute! I’m so excited to see the invitations you design. Haha, well I’m glad you think of me, even if it’s how neurotic I am about some (meaningless) things.

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