Polka Dot Nails

I’ve always loved doing my nails. Give me a Sunday afternoon, a Law and Order: SUV marathon and a new nail polish color, and I’m one happy girl. But beyond french tip nails, I don’t do anything fun with my nail color. A couple of weeks ago, a picture on Facebook caught my eye. Jessie, one of my oldest family friends, had posted a picture of her nails with adorable polka-dots. And polka-dots rock. I thought they would be perfect on the new green nail polish I recently bought.

First, I painted two coats of the green nail polish. Then, per Jessie’s instructions, I bent a bobby pin to make the polka dots:

I dipped this into while polish, made some dots on my ring finger and, once the dots dried, finished with a clear topcoat:

I loved the finished product, but I was a little concerned it was too “cutesy” for my business professional dress code at work. I tried one line of polka dots next:

Love, love, love it! And it was so easy. I plan to re-do this soon for St. Patrick’s Day, maybe with gold dots instead of white. This will be a lot of fun with bright summer colors as well. Thanks for the idea, Jessie!


5 thoughts on “Polka Dot Nails

  1. Love polka dots! My Pinterest board has something like this on it! Definitely for you younger gals…I’m going to stick with a polka dot dress, shirt or scarf. Way too cutsie for a grandma 🙂

  2. Let’s do that! Always fun to go outside your comfort zone when you are on vacation 🙂 Maybe I’ll do streaks of fucshia in my hair…hmmmm.

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