Fun For Friday: Doggie Mates

Ever heard of a doppelganger? According to Wikipedia, a doppelganger is German for “double walker” and is used to refer to a person’s exact double. I haven’t found my human doppelganger yet, but thanks to Doggelganger, I have now found my canine one. Originally developed to help homeless dogs in Australia get adopted, Doggelganger uses a person’s facial features (from an uploaded photo) to “match” them to a dog’s facial features. What is more fun (and cute) than that? I was matched with Beauty: dark hair, dark eyes, big smiles. I’d say we’re a good match (if the picture isn’t loading for you, click on that little red “X” below and it will pop up).












Alright, time to go to work. These tax returns are not going to do themselves. Sigh. At least it’s Friday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Fun For Friday: Doggie Mates

  1. LOL. I’m going to try this! Wonder if Lady Clairol will fool Doggleganger so I’m matched up with a dark haired puppy-dog…not a gray one 🙂

  2. I did the doggleganger photo match….and the results are–well, kind of spooky, yet funny. Wish I knew how to post it here, but I sent the results to you. You’ll flip when you see the dog I am matched with!! SO FUNNY!

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