I heart {97 Calorie} Cupcakes!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether or not you recognize today as a “holiday”, I think we can all agree it provides a wonderful excuse to indulge in something sweet. I’m trying my best to skip the chocolates this year (family vacation, you are quickly approaching!), but I’ll be darned if I’m going to go the whole day without some sort of treat…

If you haven’t been introduced to the recipes from “Hungry Girl” Lisa Lillien, you should really make it a point to do so quickly (check out some of her books here). She’s amazing at slimming down the fat and calories in normally “naughty” recipes, while keeping every ounce of the YUM factor. Take for instance a recipe of hers I adapted into 97 calorie cupcakes. You read that correctly: 97 calorie cupcakes. AND the recipe only calls for two ingredients:

1 12 oz. can of diet soda
1 18.25 oz. box moist-style cake mix

The Hungry Girl recipe was a for a cake, but I always find cupcakes to be more my style: they travel well and are inherently portion-control size.

I added fat-free whipped cream as "icing", but they are just as good plain

Here’s what you do:

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Combine cake mix with soda in a large bowl. Whisk thoroughly. Transfer to cupcake tins, lined with paper liners. Follow the cake mix box for approximate bake time (mine took about 20 minutes).

I made 21 cupcakes, but it could easily be stretched to 24 by filling the cups with less mix. For 21 cupcakes, I calculated 97.7 calories per cupcake and 1.86 grams of fat.

White cake mix with diet cream soda

I used white cake mix with diet cream soda (so, so, so good!). I keep thinking of different combinations to try next (Vanilla Coke zero with chocolate cake, Sprite with a lemon cake, maybe even margarita mix with white cake…). I’d love to hear (and then taste) any combinations you try!

5 thoughts on “I heart {97 Calorie} Cupcakes!

  1. These look yummy! I LOVE Hungry Girl!!! I get her daily emails and watch her Sunday morning show every week. She is great!

  2. @MzH – yes! Nana would have loved that. I can’t wait to try that combo (bought some Vanilla Coke Zero last night)

    @Kendall Hudson – did you make them?! I’m excited to hear what you have to say about that.

    @Kimberley Ullman – I didn’t know you liked her too! Do you have any of her cookbooks? I have one, but want to get another, so if you have any recommendations, please pass them along. And SAY WHAT?! about a TV show? That’s news to me!

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